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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wild and wooly Gerringong

Home was freezing and windy and full of swell again today...

Had the day off work today (yay!), so went and watched my League Tag team play (and sadly lose) against Kiama this morning. It was so difficult to watch from the sideline knowing I could help, but I am leaving in one week and the risk of injury is just too high in this sport, especially against Kiama as they are a little rough (I injured my knee last time we played them).
So sorry I couldn't play girls!!! As much as I love League Tag, and my team, I really have to prioritise bodyboarding first.

Anyway, it was one wild and windy game after another today. After watching my team play, I went to watch a few of my other mates play soccer in Wollo. Freezing but fun.

By the time that game finished, I was that keen for some exercise/surf that I was climbing the walls! haha.
Had an arvo session at Wild Werri this afternoon. I surfed the left in the picture above all alone. It looked fun from land, but it was actually really hard to surf today. So much current and a lot of wash through sets cleaning me up. My first attempt to paddle out I couldnt even make it out the back, I had to do the walk of shame back up the beach and try again, haha. After every wave, I had to either paddle or walk back to the rip along the rocks to get back out. Good exercise! Only did one good roll. But still happy with my fitness and preparation for Sintra :)

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