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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Count down!!!

9 days to go until I leave!
Soooooo excited for my three month trip!
Looked what arrived just in time!!
My passport with Brazilian VISA attached, yayyyy!
Feeling especially lucky when I saw my VISA photo, red eyes from lots of surfing and lack of sleep. Glad that the Brazilian consulate didn't reject me!! hahaha.
OMG I'm leaving soon! I had a fun surf today at my local, Werri.... It was wild and windy but I found a few good lefts to boost on. Was feeling super fit paddling back out after each wave which is going to help me lots at Sintra, as the contest beach (Praia Grande, Sintra) is really open and often we have at least one day of competition in wild surf like today. I'm feeling good :)

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