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Friday, August 17, 2012

Tiny waves and a radio interview!

OMG the waves were tiny today!!!!
Headed to Kiama with my surfing buddy, Emily Ryan, this morning. This is what we surfed....
"Where are the waves?" I hear you ask... Haha, well, we had to wait for the sets, but now and then there was a tiny little right hander in the southern corner. Man, the day was just so beautiful, we were both toasty warm in our 4/3 wetsuits and it was just so nice to have Em's company in the surf... Yep we were happy! Yay! Sorry I made you late to uni Em, haha, won't happen again, I'm gone for three months so now you can focus on Uni. Awww I'll miss my surfing buddy!

Ohhh, just got sent a link from Power FM, the best local radio station ;)
You can listen to the radio interview if you click the link... They did a really nice media release actually. Thanks guys! I sound like a goose in the interview, but well, it was nice they aired it anyway! hahaha.

I wanna also give a shout out to the lovely ladies at Synergy Beauty in Kiama. I always buy my Ella Bache zinc from them (the BEST zinc for surfing!)...
 I unfortunately had a surprise freak accident with one tube exploding on me when I opened it, and even though I bought it a while ago, and used a bit of it, they kindly replaced it for free today. Thanks ladies! Now I'm all set and sun protected for my trip!

Not much other news except that work was work today, ha, but great news is tomorrow is my last shift for three months! I have a 12 hour shift tomorrow in the IGA, but then that's it! Yewwwww!!!

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