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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Beach or Little Beach?

Welcome to Portugal!!
My travelling partners for the Sintra Pro... Me, Bree Brown (Aus), Marta Quintela (Portugal), Roberto Bruno (Brazil) and in front Isabela Sousa (Brazil). Such great people!

It feels so good to be here once again. I think this is maybe the fourth time I've been to this place for the IBA World Tour, and it's feeling more like home every time I come here.

Today we had the perfect day. Starting with a good sleep in (much needed after that massive plane trip), followed by a whole day spent at the beach, OMG I'm in heaven!
We headed to Praia Grande ("Big Beach") first. The contest beach. I was almost dying from the heat, it's about 32 degrees here, way more extreme than the 10-16 degrees weather I've been experiencing at home. Loaded up on suncream haha. Had a pretty fun surf at a left in the contest area. Felt so good to wash the aeroplane cobwebs away. It was great to see Jared Housten in the water, he was shredding as always.
Followed up our surf with a huge salad with the gang at the local Mar Bar cafe.
 Ha, I gotta admit the Mar Bar cafe always brings back crazy memories from the after contest parties we've had there in the past. Kira and Mandy I miss you girls! It feels strange not to have my Aussie sidekicks here with me!

After lunch we headed to Praia Pequeno (Little Beach), for a fun surf in the little wedges. Such a beautiful little beach!

The swell is forecast to get smaller the next few days, then pick up again in time for the contest. Fingers crossed for fun waves for the event. The low tide banks at Praia Grande at the moment are so fun!

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