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Thursday, August 16, 2012

CLean my car before I go??

Hahaha I know I am strange, but I really wanted to wash my car before I left for my three month trip!
Sammy was just so dirty, and I will miss Sammy!
I also wanted an excuse to stay outside in the sun a bit longer because today was such a beautiful day! So Sammy got a wash :) Check out how shiny the tyres look! >>>>>
OMG look how white I am!!! It's been a cold winter hahaha.
The past two mornings I had a couple of not so fun surfs at Kiama. It was good to get in the water, as always, but I just didnt find many real good waves. These things happen, all good, hopefully more fun waves tomorrow.
Worked all afternoon in the IGA again, only two more shifts to go until I'm freeeeeeeeee!
I do love my deli bitches though. Here's one of my favourite deli hoes... My friend Di McMillan, we have a good laugh together and always get the deli looking good for the boss! 

Awwww, I'll miss you Di!!
And thanks to Marie and Matt at IGA for all the shifts I get when I need them, and giving me so much time off for contests! You guys are the best!!! 
Alright, now back to packing and getting ready for my trip. 3 days to go....

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