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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Goodbye Werri, hello London!

Currently I'm hanging out in Heathrow airport in London, waiting 6 hours for my next flight to Lisbon. I unfortunately missed my connecting flight this morning and they couldn't get me on another one right away. I don't mind. It's nice to cruise a bit alone sometimes.

I made sure I woke up to catch the sunrise and go for a quick early surf at home yesterday. What an amazing sunrise!! 
The waves weren't great, but it was definitely worth going for a surf before my mammoth flight. It was such a refreshing start to the day. I was happy and ready to go.

I packed away the last of my stuff to make room for Rach moving in. The following card was amongst what I took down off my wall.... It's a card the Aussie bodyboarding girls made for me after my second place finish in the Ingles Pro in Gold Coast 2007. I love it. Such thoughtful and funny messages >>>

That was such an awesome trip, great memories, especially the Aussies going crazy on the beach in my final against the World Champ Neymara Carvalho!
Hopefully I'll get a repeat of that final in Sintra, but with a better result! ha ;)

As I waved goodbye to Gerringong on my way out of town I felt a little sad to be leaving home for three months. Even driving past the beautiful mansions in the south of Sydney, I felt no envy at all. I'm happy with the simple little flat I rent on the beach with Cobbie, I couldn't ask for anything more! Yeah I'll be back for summer.

How funny are the little coincidences in life. Of the 500 or so seats on the mammoth A380 Qantas plane I boarded (a nice new one!!), I was seated right next to the only other bodyboarder on my flight, Ben Player, the two times world champion from Avalon. Yew! 

It was nice to be seated next to a familiar face and have catch up chats on our super long flight. It's also nice knowing that I'm not seated next to a random creep that you feel nervous falling asleep next to. Ben Player may look a little creepy to some people, but he's not. hahaha. No really, he's not.
We watched a documentary about happiness. It was awesome, and reminded me to be thankful for all the good things I have in life... 

Yeah life is good!

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