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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fun little waves and work work work

Ok, I'm going to admit something shameful here.... This past winter, I haven't got up for the early surf very often.
I have three excuses.... First, it's just been too freakin cold! Second is I work til 8, don't eat dinner til 9, then don't get to sleep til around 12am on average. Then finally, because I dont start work til 1pm, I have time to go surf a little later ;)

Today I made myself get up early (kinda early, 7am, ha). I needed to make the most of low tide Kiama Wedge. 
It was actually super fun. I had it for an hour to myself with just a few bream and whiting swimming around me. It was well worth getting up :) 

I'm a little bit weak at forward spins on lefts, so my focus today was spins. And wedge is a perfect little left to practice anything on. 

I returned home feeling energised and spent the next three hours, doing emails and organising my trip. 12 days til I leave!!!
Here's the current IBA WOrld Tour rankings:

Sitting in third place right now, and with four Grand Slam events remaining, the title is still up for grabs for anyone!! Yew!

This is the next event on tour.
To learn more about the IBA World Tour, head here:

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