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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Yessss, I can happily announce that I have a new sponsor!
Today I had the pleasure of meeting Corio from Flipmode clothing company, and what an awesome human he is!

We had a great chat, and he handed me a bunch of clothes and a signed contract, just in time for my trip.
I'm really excited to be riding for Flipmode, and I will be working with Corio on designing women's clothing for the future. Check their website out here...
Anyway, I'm stoked. Thanks Corio. It was a pleasure to meet you!

Aside from my lovely meeting today, I had fairly uneventful today as I spent most of it packing and catching up with a couple of friends. As it's my last day at home here in Werri, I just had to go watch the sunset from the top of the headland at North Werri as a final goodbye to home. I love living here! How pretty is it!! >>>
Yeah, that's a Flipmode hat and jumper I'm wearing in this pic ;)

I'm off to sleep now. Tomorrow morning I'm keen for a quick surf before the drive to the airport. Yes, that's right, tomorrow I'm leaving for Portugal!! Cant wait!!
Again, here's the link to the IBA World Tour page to learn more about the tour...

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