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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Resting up and psyching up!

Spent the day at home yesterday, watching bodyboarding videos and cruising on Facebook. The only exercise I did was 20 minutes of stretching and core exercises. It was nice just to chill and rest up since we have a few big days of competition coming up.
For the first time I actually watched the video of the entire final of me vs Isabela in Puerto Rico last year.

It was actually so exciting to watch it, and got me amped for this event!
I've been getting spoilt with some super tasty dinners from everyone here in the house. Everyone is taking turns to cook each night. Such good vibes here, the Brazilians are super cruisy, except for Eder Luciano who is super crazy, but funny, ha.  Hmmm, fresh cut chicken anyone.....

We watched an amazing sunset at a beautiful little beach the other night. I have to share these pics with you!!

Today I had a good little surf at Praia Grande this morning and watched the contest for a while. Pretty inspiring to watch the big flips from some of the guys. The swell is around 4ft, pretty contestable, light winds. There's a chance I might be surfing my heat tomorrow but , I hear it's more likely I'll be on the day after.
I'm in heat 4 of Round 5, up against Maylla Venturin and two girls from the previous round.
Maylla is an awesome competitor, with really strong rollos and definitely does not hesitate to play games and hassle in the water,  so I'm always very wary of Maylla. In saying that, I have beaten her quite a few times and I'm feeling really good about my surfing, so I'm not too worried ;)

You can watch the event live here on:
And regular updates are posted on:

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