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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Running and reminiscing...

Got locked out of my house this afternoon on my run, thanks Cobb, haha.
It wasn't really her fault... I forgot my keys, and then Cobb left for the gym and locked the house up like the good flatmate she is.
It worked out ok, because it made me run for longer, to a friend's place, where I ended up scoring a free dinner! haha. I cooked it but ;)
Awwww my run was amazing, the sunset was incredibly beautiful at North Werri today. I wish I had my camera, or an artistic hand like local artist Lloyd Rees, I can understand why he loved living here. It was super red and perfectly reflected in the stillness of Werri lagoon this evening. It's moments like this that I really appreciate where I live. I will miss this place! And my friends and work mates here. Three months I'm gone! Wow!
I am excited for my trip, and just feeling really fit and happy and ready for these next events! I felt like I could run forever this afternoon! And I had another pretty fun surf at Werri today :)

So, I hear that good contest preparation is to reminisce on previous wins, remember that feeling, and keep that feeling in your mind going into an event...
So, here's a vid I love, memories from Puerto Rico last year, my win :)
So sick to watch Pierre's flips too, he RIPS!!!!

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