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Monday, August 6, 2012

2 weeks until Sintra!!

Yep, I'm counting down until I leave!
Monday the 20th August I'm off for Sintra Portugal, the start of my three month trip chasing the final events on the IBA World Tour!

Pretty excited! Today is the first day of my daily blog to keep you filled in on my trip.
All my thoughts and photos and training and everything else I'm up to will be in here!!

Well, today being my first blog, I'm starting with the truth, and I gotta admit, I look like shit today! Hahaha. My skin is so terrible right now, too much stress and work, trying to get ready for this trip! 
I've been blessed with a couple of lovely sponsors, but basically, I've had soooo much trouble finding companies to help me out. The economy is keeping everyone's hands in their pockets right now! 
All good though, I still have the mentality that everything will turn out just fine. As Paulo Coelho says "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

So, I've booked my flights on my credit card and I plan to live off prizemoney from the contests as I travel!
I'm super excited to get back on tour, see my friends and fight for this World Title. I'm in third place on the tour, and with four Grand Slam events remaining, the Title is still up for grabs for anyone!! I'm feeling good. And, how lucky am I to be travelling around the world for the next three months?! Yewwwww!
My trip basically goes like this: 

  • August 21- sep 2: Sintra, Portugal -Sintra Pro (Grand Slam)
  • Sep 3-6: Aveiro, Portugal -Miss Sumol Cup (Regional event)
  • Sep 7-17: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil -Rio Pro (Grand Slam)
  • Sep 18-24: Isla De Margarita, Venezuela -Bodyboard Pro Festival (Grand Slam)
  • Sep 25-Oct 30: Fortaleza, Brazil -We have a month break between contests so I will be spending time with my buddy Isabela Sousa in her home, training and exploring Brazil's north!
  • Oct 31-Nov 15: Puerto Rico -The Encanto Pro (Grand Slam)

In preparation, I've been training every day -either running/cycling/playing League Tag or doing core work, and also surfing every day in front of my house. Here is the perfect training ground for the beachbreaks I'll be surfing in the next three contests. I feel particularly comfortable knowing that the water temp here and the conditions at my local beach are identical to this next contest in Sintra. It's the perfect preparation!
Even my job helps with my training! I work in the deli at the local IGA...I'm on my feet 8 hours a day and lifting heavy 16kg boxes of chicken all day, it's my gym workout! haha. I kind of like my job as I work with great people and the hours are perfect, I usually start at 1pm which gives me the mornings to surf/train! AND they give me all the time I need off for contests, thanks guys!

So, I thought I'd start my blog with a few pics I took on my phone this week of some of the super fun waves, beautiful sunsets and good moments from my crazy week :)
<<<<<<This left was so much fun! Surfed it for two hours with only a couple of locals out :) Then the next day I scored this right, it's one of my favourite waves around here! >>>>
<<<Took a pic of my feet on one of my many surf checks this week ha. I love my Converse shoes!!! I have about 6 pairs ha. I treated myself to these in New York in 2007 after I won the Confital Pro in Canary Islands. I always reward myself after a good contest result ;)
<<< This is Spice, she's the most beautiful dog in the world! My mate Loren is housesitting and taking care of this beautiful girl. She loves me so she licked me haha

<<<This is my local beach. Normally the waves are so fun here, but today was flat! Took my speedy red bike for a spin today... Enjoyed the views and cycled the hectic hills around town. Beautiful afternoon :)
<<< Mad Mystics sunset this week. Such a pretty spot to hang out!
<<<<My League Tag footy team! I love these girls! I do this for extra fitness and fun. We're the Berry-Shoalhaven Heads Magpies, and we beat Jamberoo on Saturday 22-8 which secured us a spot in the semi finals! Yewwww!


  1. haha sick, lilly! Will have fun following you chasing your dream. You fully deserve it!