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Saturday, August 18, 2012


OMG I am sooo happy tonight!
I just finished a 12 hour shift in the IGA, and as I walked out those doors I almost screamed! hahaha.
Yep, it was my last shift for three months!!!
I actually like my job. But obviously I much prefer the idea of spending the next three months focusing on my two big loves, bodyboarding and travel :)

I gotta admit, I'm doing something a little naughty right now, drinking a beer. I just had to have one to celebrate.... Come on, I just worked 12 hours!
Well, I looked down a few minutes ago and laughed cause I have two interesting item in my hand, one is a beer (of course), the other is a device I dont know the name of, ha. Here's a pic....

I've been using it the past couple of weeks to help strengthen my grip,which is so important for bodyboarding, and especially important for my right hand since I broke a tendon in my finger years ago which means my grip aint too strong!
Well anyway, this grippy hand strengthening device thingy is great!!! I highly recommend!

Hmm anyway, I wanna go drink my beer, so that's it for tonight. OMG two days to go!!!

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