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Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodbye bedroom!

Tonight I am cleaning out my room and half packing and getting organised for my trip. 7 days til I leave!!!
My good mate, Rach Cowin, is going to move into my bedroom for the next three months to help save me a little rent (Thanks SO MUCH Rach!!).
 I like the idea of someone else being able to enjoy my bedroom and the epic place that I live in on the beach! I really do love living here!
So, my plan is to put away all my stuff in boxes under my bed to give Rach space and freedom to do whatever she wants with my room. I took a few pics of my room with my GoPro so I could remember how I had it. I kinda like how it's looking :)
Thought I would share with you a bit of my life.....
<<<<<Photos of my babies!!  The puppy I fell in love with in Puerto Rico (Dora the Explorer), and my niece Chloe. My flatmate Emma Cobb has a habit of giving me cute glass dolphins as presents, I have two! Thanks Cobbledog!

<<<The drawing is one of my favourite trophies that my friend, Kate Moloney created for the WBA contest that Emma Roby ran in 2000, she ran sick contests! ANd the plaque is all I salvaged from the Encanto Pro trophy last year (it was too big to carry home).

My favourite items are my Alaia boards, the rash shirt from my Encanto Pro win in Puerto Rico, my Spencer Skipper signed poster. Ohhh and of course my jeans collection! I dedicated a shelf to them :) I love wearing jeans! So comfy. haha. I'm only allowing myself one or maybe two pairs to take with me, because I'll be travelling where the weather is warm for the next three months...

Had another good surf at my local Werri today. The waves were not amazing, but finally the sun made an appearance today, and I'm currently just enjoying the training. It is a pretty similar beach to Praia Grande in Sintra, and I'm enjoying the 1km run in soft sand along the beach from my house to the bank I've been surfing.

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