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Friday, September 28, 2012

Reflections on my results...

I finally have internet back today so I ´ve been trying to find something positive to say about my four consecutive 9th place finishes in the past four Grand Slam events...
Port Macquarie Pro Australia, Sintra Pro Portugal, Rio Pro Brazil, and the Bodyboard Pro Festival Venezuela...

Well, I know my mum would be saying "Lilly, you finished 9th place in the whole WORLD, that´s amazing!!" And I guess she is right, and she´s beautiful and so supportive, but I entered the tour this year to win it, or at least to put up a good fight. After my fifth place finish at Pipeline at the start of the year, I was hoping to build on that, but it wasnt to be.
I´m currently 8th on the rankings. It´s my worst result on tour and funnily enough, this is the first year I´ve set out to do the whole tour! My best result was 3rd in 2007 and then 5th last year, but both those years I missed two key events, so really, this year I felt like I had a good chance to be on top.

Looking back, I think I have felt every emotion possible this past month on tour. The highs of winning heats in difficult conditions, the lows of losing horribly, and the highs (and lows) of watching my good friend Isabela Sousa win almost every event!
The truth is I´m just so disappointed with my results. Mostly I think it just came down to a run of bad luck.

Well, more than that, I guess there were a variety of factors were involved; my performance in a couple of heats, the terrible conditions we surfed, some really strange heat situations, and the close calls from the judges that just didnt go my way.

There´s no denying that competing on the Women´s World Tour is tough. I think this year was harder than any other because so far we have had incredibly bad waves at every Women´s Grand Slam event this year. We´ve just been unlucky I guess.
I´ve learnt a lot about myself and about competing in these conditions too.

The positives I can take from my trip so far is that I have had the pleasure of spending time with some really amazing and beautiful people, it´s been such a good journey so far, and of course there is nothing better than having the World Tour take me to places that I would never have visited. I really appreciate the opportunity I have here to travel and experience the world.

I´m currently cruising in the north of Brazil, in Fortaleza, the home of the newly crowned Women´s World Tour champion, Isabela Sousa. I´m stoked to have the chance to train with Isabela here, and enjoy another unique part of the world.
I also still have one event remaining, my favourite event, the Encanto Pro in Puerto Rico, the event I won last year. It will be next month, so I have one last shot at a good result and get me some more points and a few more steps up the rankings ladder. I know one thing is for sure, I´ll be giving it 100%

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