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Monday, September 3, 2012

Sintra... Over and out...

I'm out. As of yesterday afternoon....Pretty devastated, the waves were horrible, but I've got noone and nothing to blame but myself. I thought I had trained enough in crappy waves for this event but clearly not. I need to train more.

My first heat was a couple of days ago, in solid surf, 5ft, big currents and high tide mush. I felt good before my heat, even noting that the time on my phone said 11.11 -a good sign for good luck!I won that heat, beating Maylla Venturin (Brazil), Marta Fernandez (Portugal) and Clare McGowan (UK). I was stoked as that result meant I skipped a heat and was seeded into round 7 :)
The next day, yesterday, there were actually a few really fun waves to be had around mid-tide. Unfortunately the organisers noted the good conditions and decided to change the heats around so that instead of holding women's another round of mens was surfed and we were pushed to a later time. This meant my heat was to be held on dead high tide.

Wow, on high tide, Praia Grande looks like a totally different beach! Super difficult to work with. I actually still felt ready as I had trained in some pretty terrible conditions back home. I know how bad the conditions here can get. At Praia Grande you have to be ready for anything!

Unfortunately for me it was one of those heats where just everything went wrong. Firstly, there was confusion from the commentator telling us not to paddle out for our heat, then when we did, the judges didnt wait for us to get into the lineup before starting the heat. It was strange.I then chose to sit on a left which was looking ok in previous heats while the other girls, Natasha Sagardia (Puerto Rico), and Miname Hatekayama (Japan) both headed for a little right hand bank. 
Wow, the waves were barely even breaking... Long lulls between the sets, super tiny waves and the first two left I caught fattened up really badly then surged onto the shore, I dropped into one that resembled a minature Waimea Shorey style wave, ha, crazy. I changed my strategy and decided to go to the right midway through my heat. The other girls already had a couple of decent scores so I was playing catch-up. I did manage a good rollo, giving me a 7 point something ride, but I couldnt find much else.

Basically it really came down to Natasha and Miname just surfing so well 
in my heat, so I just have to say, congrats girls!!! They were shredding while I was left lost and wandering the lineup haha. 

Miname actually went on to win the whole contest today. The judges are really loving her rollo style. Happy for her, but I have to admit it's pretty hard for me to watch the other girls continue in the event while I'm stuck watching from shore, haha. It's ok, I know that's competition. The positive was that today I was actually stuck in the commentators booth, which was pretty fun. I ended up commentating the whole day with Manny Vargas for the live webcast online. Thanks for the laughs Manny!

So, I've got myself another 9th place finish which is not great for my campaign, I have a 5th and a 9th in the other two big events, which means that I'm at least surfing fairly consistently, not getting knocked out too early, but the annoying thing is I dont have a win or even a final placing as yet! 
The result drops me to 5th on the rankings.
I think it's still possible for me to win the tour, there's still three big events remaining on tour. I just need to win two or more events, and Isabela Sousa has to not place very well. With the way she's surfing, it's a long shot, but I know it's still possible! Never give up! ;)

Tomorrow I'm heading up the coast to Aveiro for the super fun Miss Sumol, all girls contest. This event doesnt count for the world tour, but it is some good contest practice for me, always good fun with everyone, and it's an opportunity to make a little money!
I'll try and get back into posting daily, I was caught up in the craziness of the competition the past few days, so I apologise for that! I have been keeping my facebook page fairly well updated with a few pics and news here and there, so keep checking it out! And give it a like for me ;)

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