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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The City Of God

Finally made it to Rio!!
Woo, what a city!
Anything you can imagine probably has happened in this place. It's incredibly beautiful and crazy and also surprisingly serene at times. We've already visited Christ The Redeemer with incredible views over the city, surfed typically fun Rio beach breaks, encountered a wild taxi ride, and sadly even witnessed a kid inhaling rock cocaine in the streets.
Here's a couple of pics from the trip so far....
The beautiful Apoador...

Post-surf, eating corn in the streets. So good!


The Rio Bodyboarding International event that we have all come here for has already begun... Some fun little waves the past few days at Posto Cinco in Copacabana. My round 5 heat will be surfed tomorrow around mid-day I think.
I'm up against Maylla Venturin and two other girls progressing from round 4... Ha, I always seem to be in heats with Maylla, she's a great competitor, so it will be interesting to see the result. Plus there are a lot of strong competitors from Brazil here; the girls rip in this country, so it's going to be an insane contest!! Big money up for grabs too!!
My round 5 heat tomorrow is non-elimination, but I still want to win it as the win would put me directly into the quarter finals. The girls who place second third and fourth drop into round 6 to battle it out for the quarters.

Heats can be watched live here>>>>
Check it out :)

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