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Friday, October 12, 2012

The windy city...

Currently hanging in Ceara, near Fortaleza Brazil, with the newly crowned IBA World Champion Isabela Sousa.

I have a month break between IBA World Tour events and rather than going all the way home, I was invited to Isabela's home to train with her. I love seeing different parts of the world so I jumped at the chance to come here!
Unfortunately I got a bit of food poisoning from the airport in Caracas, so I've been sick on and off for weeks.
I've been here in Ceara for a coupe of weeks now and aside from being sick, it has been a really good experience so far. Life is simple but nice here. The streets are pretty dirty, the drivers are a little crazy, but the people are really lovely. I'm struggling to get my lips around the Portuguese language, but everyone is pretty patient with me and so nice.

Isabela's family is amazing, it's good to be here and to see such a close family is beautiful.
Bela's mum makes a killer Acai!!

The waves aren't too great, but I wasnt expecting a lot coming here.
There is constant wind, from the onshore direction, which isnt ideal, but at least it means there are waves every day.. Just not a lot of power or shape, haha...

 It's good training anyway. I've also been training with Isabela's trainer, Lino Delcio, in Fortaleza which has been awesome, he's been killing us.
Visited Ronaldo the Games king in Fortaleza.... I love the Bruce Lee figurine! I'm sure this was from the movie where he fights Chuck Norris and kills him? Yeah?

I've also been tagging along to some media work that Isabela has been doing. Had a super windy surf with team Pena last week. Thanks for the photos Lima Jr from PENA....

Haha check out the video, gives a good indication of how windy this place is, and how bad my Portuguese is hahaha......

Then  yesterday I got roped in to doing a local TV show with Isabela. We explored the giant sand dunes nearby in a wicked little dune buggy and also went sand boarding.

It was a pretty fun interview, the guy mostly focused on our competitiveness and talked about the upcoming contest in Puerto Rico, The Encanto Pro, the event that we were both in the final last year. I'd love to see a repeat of that final.... Meanwhile, we're both training hard for it and getting excited!!! It will be on November 2-13.

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